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Agriculture & Real Estate Services

We are uniquely positioned not only to assist in your property search and purchase, but we can help in the development and agricultural production aspect of property ownership. Our relationship with local contacts and experience with all agencies provides a solid footing with any project.

Acquiring water rights, utilities, telephone, and internet? No problem. We even do active property management providing a worry free solution to your ownership that can handle all your needs. We also have vast experience in AG from seed to market, even if that market is in the U.S. Organic and Certified too.


We have teamed with several wonderful affiliates to keep you informed and up to date with all that’s happening here. And there is quite a lot to experience too, with locals, expats, and the cosmopolitan mix of visitors to our beautiful coastline.

Whether you enjoy investing your gift of life in community service, celebrating in festivals, or adventure activities in this wonderful land, there are options that will entice you. Partake of the rich treasure of people and activities that surround you here. There are even recommendations for when you need solitude. Immerse yourself in the best of Baja life here in Todos Santos.