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Agua, Aire, Tierra y Fuego - Water, Air, Land, & Fire

A Great Team Blending Agriculture & Real Estate Services

In 2005 Chris Cordero, Greg and Cherrie Pedigo, and Lic. Claudia Ruvalcaba got together and formed Agua, Aire, Tierra y Fuego S.R.L. Their company specializes in real estate and agriculture, and each team member's expertise is used to the fullest. Greg takes care of the farming end, Chris helps in selling produce, Cherrie takes care of accounting, and Claudia takes care of real estate. In addition to real estate services, they also offer property management services, and legal services for real estate closings, immigration, water rights, property disputes, and the formation of Mexican corporations.

Greg Pedigo has been farming in the Pescadero and Mantanza areas since 1996. He has worked closely with Chris Cordero to grow, purchase, and sell produce, emphasizing specialty vegetables. Over time, they have worked with most of the farmers in the area and have purchased ranches and other properties as they've become available.

Claudia Ruvalcaba, along with AATyF's office manager Horacio Ruvalcaba, moved to the Pescadero area nine years ago. They love not only the location -- both the ocean and the mountains -- but also the relaxing change from the big city. Although the real estate market had changed, Horacio and Claudia think that the Todos Santos/Pescadero area is a great place to live, and they welcome all clients looking for homes or lots in this growing area. Horacio manages the Todos Santos office as well as being the property manager. He shows the properties, and additionally, gives clients a tour of the area.

Claudia, a bilingual lawyer, has offices in both Todos Santos and Guadalajara. In addition to her other work, she provides pro bono work for abused women and children. Both Claudia and Horacio believe in helping people as much as possible, and that education is the key. "Children are our future," Claudia says. "We have to help them so we have a better world."

Our affiliates are active in the community and have been very helpful keeping us all pointed to the same goal. To enjoy life, and all that’s around you!

They are a great resource for what’s happening in our area, and a great learning tool bringing greater insights about our community. See what they have to say, and don’t hesitate to ask questions. Like us they look forward to serving you and introducing you to all that’s unique and what we love about Todos Santos and the areas that surround us.